We think Ikebana is OMOTENASHI.

Greeting from Nihonbashi Ikebana School

Ikebana is Japanese traditional culture.
Is Ikebana only for Japanese?
Everyone in the world can learn Ikebana.

Ikebana expresses human mind.
Arranging flowers with all your love, it's Ikebana.

Japaneses are unwilling to express something concretely.
Does that mean Japaneses prefer to ambiguous words?
No, as well.
You might be able to feel the emotion of the arranger clearly through the Ikebana.

We think Ikebana is "OMOTENASHI".
We express our emotions with flowers, and welcome guests.
Ikebana will be completed with nothing but love, honesty and kindness whoever you are.

Nihonbashi Ikebana School

Ko-sha's Prifile

Ko-sha’s Profile

The principal of Nihonbashi Ikebana School and an Ikebana Artist, Ko-sha’s profile.

Ikebana Experience

Ikebana Experience

If you want to experience Ikebana class one time, You can enjoy and have a wonderful experience. You will find peace in heart by working with the flower beauty.