Ko-sha's Profile

Ko-sha's Profile

Ikebana Artist

Grew up being exposed to traditional Japanese culture.
Learned Koto (Japanese harp), Shamisen(three-stringed lute), Shodo(art of calligraphy), and Sado (tea ceremony) and met Sogetsu-style of Ikebana (flower arrangement).

Follow Sogetsu-school’s instruction of “expressing yourself with flowers and branches” and received a license of Sogetsu flower arrangement teacher.

Since 1994, organizer of a flower school of “Ko-sha”.

Nurture flower teachers and hold annual flower exhibitions of the school.
Meanwhile display Ikebana at the international exhibition halls continuously.

Held an Ikebana class in Sweden in summer, 1995.

Gave Ikebana demonstration in Vienna, Austria, in summer, 2008. Visited Vienna as a member of a delegation of Katsushika City led by Mayor Aoki.
The performance of Japanese culture including Ikebana attracted the guests there.

Following the visit to Vienna, in autumn 2008, held a cultural introduction seminar for foreigners in Tokyo.
The activities were reported in newspapers (Yomiuri and Asahi).

Currently, an organizer of several flower arrangement classes in Tokyo.

Activities in Sweden

Nov 30, 2017 Sweden Ikebana Class 2017
Florist School, Home Party Style
Dec 3, 2014 Ko-sha appeared on a book published by Swedish public institution.
Ko-sha's Ikebana activities appeared on "TYDA" published by Swedish public institution.
Dec 1, 2014 Ko-sha appeared on a Sweden book.
Ko-sha appeared on "Garde Robe Årsbok 2014"
Nov 19, 2014 Sweden Ikebana Class 2014
Florist School, Stock Holms Lands Museum
Nov 6, 2013 Sweden Ikebana Class 2013
Täppan, Elementary School in JÄRNA, The Montessori School in Stockholm
Jun 11, 2012 Sweden Ikebana Class 2012
Florist School, Home Party Style in Stockholm
Mar 28, 2011 Sweden Ikebana Class 2011
The Montessori School in Stockholm, Täppan
Sep 30, 2010 Sweden Ikebana Class 2010
Arbetscentrum, Tyresö Kommun, Täppan, Home Party Style, Private Lesson
Oct 1, 2009 Ko-sha appeared on a Swedish book.
To carry it in a Swedish book, journalist's coverage was received.
Aug 1, 2009 Sweden Ikebana Class 2009
Alnarp on the University of Agriculture, The Montessori School in Stockholm, Waldorf School Västerås, Täppan, Individual teaching in JÄRNA
Aug 18, 1995 Sweden Ikebana Class 1995