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Practice is process of learning through the repetition of the same process.
Ikebana also learners practice repeatedly placing flowers, which lead to learning.
This process seems to be monotonous.
However , Japan has four seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter.
Learners can feel the energy of wonderful trees and the flowers of each season with their eyes, by fragrance, and with their whole bodies.
How wonderful the practice of ikebana is, in which one can accumulate what one has gained through learning! Ikebana lives in the modern times and has been evolving, which is also based on Japanese traditions and climate. Now, let us study and enjoy Ikebana.
If you want to experience Ikebana class one time,
You can enjoy and have a wonderful experience.
You will find peace in heart by working with the flower beauty.
This Ikebana Activity provides an Ikebana demonstration by Ko-sha. After that let you try to do Ikebana.
Reservation: ikebana@za.wakwak.com



Ikebana Activity

One Lesson JPY33,000( 1 person)
Additional JPY11,000/person 
*Tax included.

Nihonbashi Ikebana School


 Nihonbashi Ikebana School

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